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Wisconsin – One of the locations for IT professionals to live. Wisconsin is on its way to being a technology hub! Please check out this great article outlining why Madison is one of the best places to live for IT professionals!

Wisconsin – One of the locations for IT professionals to live.

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Synergy Consortium Services is super excited to announce that we have joined the State of Mississippi vendor group for IT Services!

We are looking forward to placing you/your candidates!

  • Your SCS Team
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Congratulations! The final step in our process is to complete the Onboarding. Please follow each of the Onboarding steps and return all of the completed forms and documents to

If you have any questions throughout this process, please feel free to email; or call (608) 497-3233.

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Please complete the Debarment Form

Debarment Form

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Please complete the Diversity Form

Diversity Form

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Please complete the Affirmative Action Form

Affirmative Action Form

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Please submit the following items to within 7 business days of receipt of the onboarding email.

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ACH Payment Information

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We can issue you a paper check, but most Participants prefer (and so do we) to use Direct Deposit (no charge). If you wish to have Direct Deposit, please fax or email us a one of the following:

  • VOIDED check from the account into which your payments should be made. 
  • Screen shot of your Routing and Account number from your online banking showing the Financial Institution and your name or business name

Please note: Business’ will need to send business account information.  Sole Proprietors may send personal bank account information.  Our bank requires documentation as opposed to just providing the routing and account numbers. 

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Please complete the Lobbying Form.

Lobbying Form

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