Synergy Consortium Services (SCS) is an organization dedicated to providing IT work opportunities for consultants AND providing qualified IT resources to employers.  There is NO COST to either the consultants, vendors, or the employers to join the Consortium.  What differentiates us from all other consulting/staffing firms is that we ONLY charge consultants (or their vendors) 4% ($2.50 minimum) for any billable work they secure through SCS.

Unlike other consulting/staffing firms who take a much larger cut of the billing rate, our fee is extremely modest. On a $50/hour contract, our fee works out to only $2.50/hour. On a $75/hour contract our fee works out to only $3/hour.  How do we do it?

It is very simple.  All consultants working through us are subcontractors.  We do not “hire” (W2) employees. We do not offer benefits or withhold payroll taxes. We do not have an office at the top of a 20-story glass office building downtown.  We have very little overhead and have very tight processes for managing our operations. We do not have to squeeze a sizable chunk out of our consultants’ billing rates to pay for salespeople, managers, administrative staff, or “bench” time.  Our consultants are smart enough to know that they can earn more by managing their own benefit and tax situations rather than having a significant portion of their billable income go to support unnecessary corporate overhead.

In short, Synergy Consortium Services is the “Discount Broker” of the IT Staffing world. Our fees are discounted because we operate efficiently.  This in turn, allows our consultants to keep “The Lion’s Share” of their billable income.  Additionally, employers who solicit IT resources through us can expect to get services at a lower price than they would through another firm.  Everyone wins–except the “other” firms.