We need to have a current copy of your ‘Certificate of Commercial Liability Insurance’ showing SCS as an additional insured (address below) on file in order for us to process payments to you. This is a State of Wisconsin mandate for all subcontracted workers. Insurance requirements are included in Section 12 of your Subcontractor Agreement, but basically you need:

1.     Commercial Liability Coverage – $1M per incident/$2M in aggregate

2.     Workers Comp Insurance

3.     Auto Liability Coverage – only if you travel on behalf of the State in your own vehicle (not common).  This also excludes normal automobile commute to/from your principal work location at DWD.


Neckerman Insurance: https://neckerman.com/team/randy-krantz/ rkrantz@neckerman.com
(608) 443-4716

State Farm Insurance: https://katierileyagency.com/ (608) 274-7120

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