Using the VMS Invoicing Calendar & Schedule for 2019 as a reference, the VMS invoices the State every two weeks on our behalf (the circled Thursday on the calendar). Each week runs Sunday through Saturday and time sheets are identified by the Saturday week ending date. At the end of each week (or no later than the following Monday at noon), the Contractor needs to have entered and electronically submitted all of their billable time for that (just finished) week into STAR/PeopleSoft. Their Supervisor needs to electronically approve this time sheet by the end of the day on Tuesday. The contractor should confirm each week that this has been done. On Wednesday, all contractor timesheets are consolidated by the Vendor Manager, and on Thursday (the circled cut-off date on the calendar), the VMS invoices the State. It is very important for the contractor to have their weekly hours entered and submitted promptly.  They do NOT have to print timesheets, get them signed, and fax them to us (although you can copy/export them for your own accounting purposes).

It takes 33 days from the VMS’s invoice date (circled Thursday) for funds to be deposited into our bank (on a Tuesday). Synergy processes contractor payments and initiates the Direct Deposit/ACH orders the same day we are paid by the VMS. Participants should have their payments by the end of the next business day (Wednesday). If you are keeping count, this is 39 days from the last day of the two-week billing period being paid. Keep in mind that all subsequent payments to you will occur every two weeks thereafter (on a Wednesday), as the invoicing cycle is occurring every two weeks on the front end.  As you can see, everything is ‘shifted’ by 39 days.

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