Synergy Consortium Services (SCS) acts as a facilitator for our vendor participants and independent consultants by providing access, which they would otherwise not have, to IT opportunities in the public and private sectors.  In a nutshell, when SCS receives an IT project or staffing solicitation from our “Client,” we broadcast this request to our “Consortium Participants.”  Our SCS Participants, in turn, respond back to the consortium with qualified candidates and/or a proposal.  We screen the response for compliance with the solicitation and then submit their response to the Client. The Client evaluates the candidates or proposals submitted and can award their project/position to the best submission.  SCS coordinates the engagement process with the Client and handles the billing/payment functions on behalf of the Consortium Participant.  For this service, SCS receives a nominal fee from the Consortium Participant for brokering the engagement.

The SCS business model allows public institutions and private corporations to access and engage the services of thousands of IT resources through a single point of contact.  We do not subscribe to job boards and the consultants we submit are either employees of, subcontractors to, or otherwise have an existing working relationship with our Consortium Participants.  SCS has very little overhead and only charges its Participants a small fee (4% of billable amount with a minimum of $2.50 per hour).  This is drastically different than other consulting/staffing firms that generally take a substantially larger percentage.  Greater pricing efficiencies can be realized by Clients using our business model.

If you are an IT services provider or Independent Consultant, and would like to receive our contract IT opportunities, go to our ‘Join Us’ tab and register at no cost or obligation.

If you are an Employer, and would like to list your IT staffing needs with our Consortium (at no cost), please contact Pamela White-Northey or Maggie Mitten at 608-497-3233 or