Synergy Consortium Services (SCS) is a facilitator for IT professionals who wish to access contract opportunities without having to relinquish a large portion of their earnings for that privilege.  We also offer Employers/Clients the ability to post their IT staff augmentation requirements at no charge.  Our mission is simply to be the low-cost broker for matching qualified resources to the needs of our Clients.

Based in dynamic Madison, Wisconsin, Synergy Consortium Services is recognized as the top performing Prime IT Vendor to the State of Wisconsin.  As such, we currently have scores of consultants placed with various State agencies and private corporations alike.

If you are interested in, or already participating in contract IT work, why not join us?  There is NO COST for either consultants, vendors, or employers to join SCS, and our on-line registration is easy (see the ‘Join Us’ tab above).  Check us out!